We believe in the Divine inspiration, accuracy, and inerrancy of God's Word—the Bible.
In Genesis, the first book in the Bible, the account of the fall of man into sin is given. Ever since the dawn of time mankind has expressed their sinful nature in rebellion, violence, immorality and insolence toward God, leading them to lives of ruin and misery. We are not basically good as the secular world's academics teach, but as God puts it—have fallen short of His glory.

All this is terrible news, and if it weren't for the well known fact that God is a God of mercy and love, we'd all be doomed.

Because of His righteous holiness, He must punish sin. His only Son, Jesus Christ, offered himself to take the full punishment for our sins. He came to earth, lived among us and was brutally murdered by people who hated him for no other reason than what He represented—purity, sinlessness, and the very mind of God.

Jesus' sacrifice was God's plan to use His Son's death to spare our lives. The words, "Father, forgive them—they know not what they do", along with his life's blood shed that day, are all that God requires by way of payment for our debt.

To this day, those who admit their sin and believe that Christ paid their debts on the cross, are declared righteous in God's sight.

According to the Bible, a person can become justified and becomes a new creation (born again) through faith in the words of Christ, when hanging on the cross after having suffered immensely for the sins of mankind, He shouted victoriously, "It is finished!" Salvation, therefore, has nothing to do with our religious affiliations, heritage, or anything we can attempt to do in our lifetime to try to appease God—but rather rests solely on that great statement.

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